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Tax consulting & tax returns
General tax consulting and preparing 
tax returns including review of tax 
payment or refund notices, assistance 
during tax audits, raising objections 
and organizing representation at tax hearings. 

Legal Form & Expert Opinions
Preparing comparisons of tax burdens 
and counsel in choosing the optimum 
legal form for a company 
Preparing expert tax opinions.

International taxes
Advice on issues involving international tax law. 

Accounting & Rating
Advice on issues concerning an accounting system, 
controlling and rating. Performing bookkeeping work, 
preparing annual financial statements for individual 
and group companies (German Commercial Code, IFRS) 

Restructuring consulting, including preparation
of financing and liquidity plans.

Asset planning & succession
Advice on problems involving corporate and
asset succession and on private asset planning
and inheritance planning.

Acquiring companies
Consulting for corporate transformations and
selling and buying companies.
Due diligence.
Corporate consulting, business planning.

Assumption of fiduciary assignments, execution of wills, asset management and advisory board tasks.